Thursday, October 11, 2012

Muzilingo English Fiesta at Hotel Pontian.


Here some pictures when I went to 
Muzilingo English Fiesta.
Raudhah and Lekhaa

 Fashihah, Aqila and Musfirah

 Raudhah, Lekhaa and me, Fariha
here, we do teamwork
drawing team logo's and tagline.

they were in my group, form 5 students.
From SMK Ayer Baloi

 those who wearing sport shirt, my schoolmates, from SMK Sri Perhentian
and the student who wears hijab from SMK Benut.
All of them was SPM candidates 2012.

 there, Greg(holding a mic) and his friend. I didn't remember
his name.

 students from SMKDMYS(the green shirt) and SSP student

 presentation times.

 the result of my groups teamwork. Quite pretty. huhu

 before we go back home, miss this moment.

there, I've got lot of knowledge, the spirit of teamwork,
new friends(even they are all younger than me),
they respect each other. That was a good attitude.
 Go liking Muzilingo Page's here.

-Thank You-

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